Dr. McKay Murdock is a physical therapist who specializes in complex and chronic pain. He is the founder of Behind the Pain, a website and community dedicated to helping people live happier and healthier lives.

Working from his practice at Dry Creek in Lehi, Utah, he regularly helps patients with chronic low-back pain, failed spine surgeries, fibromyalgia, and other complex and widespread pain conditions. He’s found that his patients respond best when they are cared for as a WHOLE person. This approach not only addresses the root cause of symptoms but is also what will produce long-lasting happiness and health.

Today Dr. Murdock’s mission is to spread the good news of true healing from the inside-out. He’s constantly striving to personally apply the principles that he teaches in his own life and family.

He has advanced training in chronic pain treatment, dry needling, spinal manipulation, meditation/mindfulness, and yoga